Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why I Make Art

Humans have been telling each other stories as long as we've been alive. We use words and images, fabrics and colors, music and rhythm, to explore and explain the world. Our world, our experience of it.

Stories connect us to one another, to the past and to our present reality. Stories cast visions of what we hope can be achieved and express the fears we wish to leave behind. Every great story speaks to a universal longing or expresses a truth common to our human existence.

Stories remind us of who we are, in our beautiful mess, and inspire us to press into one another with compassion and purpose.

As a Christian, I believe I am part of a much bigger story, an eternal story that is authored by a loving Creator. Made in his image, I, too, create and speak and honor this life in me, in you.

I make art because I don't want our stories to be forgotten or worse, ignored.
I make art because I believe that, without stories, this world would actually be more hateful and confusing and disappointing than it already is.
I make art because I believe in its power to communicate Truth and I believe we all need that Truth.

I make art because I have a story. I am a storyteller.

But I also make art because I must listen, be the witness to your story.

Currently, I am making art in Minneapolis with Sandbox Theatre. We will be presenting the story of Beatnik Giselle, an original ensemble-created work that examines how we can react to a world when it no longer represents us - our gender, our race, our sexuality, or our art. 

One exciting weekend to participate in this experience - October 19 - 21, 2012 at The Southern Theater
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Learn how we make art collaboratively through the eyes of Sandbox newcomer and uberstudy, Evie on her Sandblog.
View rehearsal videos and fun on YouTube.
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