Monday, September 26, 2011

12.02.10 The Return

I fell off the blog map from September through November because I was busy creating awesome art with Sandbox Theatre.  Rather than attempt to pick up where I left off, I thought I could start fresh this month and then give you the exciting conclusion to my conversion story...later. 

I have many thoughts and ideas to share!  But I thought I'd find out if anyone is actually still following this piece of the web, so I'm going to list my topics in no particular order and ask you to leave a comment, indicating which one(s) interest you (the faithful few).  This will give me an approximate goal to work towards when I write, as well as make me happy that someone wants to hear from me!

Some of these categories contain multiple subtopics, making for a potential series of posts -
  • On Being Labeled a "Hippie": my non-conformist thoughts on giving birth, education, cloth everything (including toilet paper), and the constant search to live simply and waste less
  • Events in 2010 that Inspired or Changed Me
  • 2011 Challenges:  my hopes for change next year and the research/plans I've begun to make towards them
  • Meditations for the Christmas Season
  • Things I Feel Guilty About
  • Gratitude
I'll start blogging as soon as I have even one response - so direct me today! 

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