Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top Ten

My brain thinks in top ten lists when it comes to entertainment, though I admit I can't compare to a certain friend whose name rhymes with Teeve Blockter, who carries around a handwritten top 10 list in his shirt pocket at all times. Long story. Fun guy.

Anyway, I've started a dozen different top 10 lists, but I never complete them. This is actually a habit of mine, starting things and not finishing. For example, I don't finish the drink in my glass or every last bit of food on my plate...I like to leave a little...behind. Maybe I don't like things to end? I don't feel comfortable with finality? I want to leave the possibility of change OPEN and available to myself!

So today, I'm sharing my (unfinished) Top 10 All-Time Favorite Movies.

1. Stand By Me. This coming-of-age story of 4 boys in search of a dead body is a classic tale of binding friendships and childhood adventure.

2. Casablanca. In case you haven't seen it, I won't spoil the ending. But Hollywood doesn't tell love stories like this anymore, where real love involves sacrifice, honor, and true commitment to the good of the other person, rather than selfish fulfillment.

3. Moulin Rouge. I'm a Baz Luhrman fan. I think he's a genius (except for that Australia disaster). Also, the gospel is beautifully portrayed in this fantastical musical delight.

4. Miracle/Remember the Titans (tie). I am a sucker for true stories, and there's something about sports movies - something about men laying aside their egos to act as a unified body - that I really enjoy experiencing.

6.  While You Were Sleeping. I love this romantic comedy not for the adorable couple that falls in love but because of the AWESOME family that surrounds them. Just watch this clip and tell me you wouldn't love to be around this gang. This is my feel-good movie pick. 

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also think Charlie Kaufman is a genius (Adaptation is a close second choice here). This movie tells an age-old story in an inventive, heartbreaking, and hopeful way.  

Those are my confident 7 choices, which means I need 3 more to finish my list! Some considerations:

Requiem for a Dream. Oh, man. Darren Aronofsky is ANOTHER genius. And this movie, to date, is the ONLY movie I have ever seen where I had a visceral reaction while I was watching it. I actually had to stop the DVD and walk away before finishing it. It is the most painful, yet truthful, movie I have ever seen, and Ellen Burstyn totally should have won an Oscar for her performance (instead of Julia Roberts for Erin Brockovitch...that's also the year that Gladiator won Best Picture...argh, don't get me started!). 

21 Grams. Now this is an incredible story of redemption, really digging into the ugliness of our pasts and yet leaving us with hope for the future. Also pretty dark.

The King. This is a relatively unknown movie with some incredible actors and a shocking ending. I think this is an excellent picture for Christians to wrestle with the power (and necessity) of forgiveness. Another dark movie, though, and gut-wrenching.

What do you think of my list?
What movies should I add?
What's on your top 10?

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