Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Giving

My family lives on the generosity of others.
If you know me, then you may know that our family's income is 100% supported by others' donations. Our ministry at Hiawatha Church, my service at Tapestry Resource Center, and the work I create with Sandbox Theatre-- every paycheck we receive is money that someone else chose to give to us.

We don't take this lightly. We buy groceries, pay our mortgage, celebrate birthdays, and enjoy a thousand other small things that many others are unable to, simply because other people choose to invest in us. This reminds us -

first,  that we are accountable to serve and to create with integrity. everything we do in ministry and in art has an eternal purpose, and we work HARD at doing it well. not because we owe those who give to us, but because we desire to honor their gifts with work that is truthful, loving, and relevant.

and second, that what we do is bigger than we are. it is incredibly humbling to know the names and see the faces of the people who pay your bills. it is even more humbling to see them give their finances joyfully to you. we are continually reminded that our small labors have great impact because an entire community of people participates in making it happen.

This Wednesday November 16 is GIVE TO THE MAX Day, a day to come together to raise as much money as possible for MN nonprofits in 24 hours. Our family is involved with three incrediblenonprofits, which many of you are already supporting.

Would you consider choosing ONE of our organizations to give generously to on Wed Nov 16?

Our opinion may differ from others', but rather than giving $10 to all 3, we encourage you to consider giving a generous gift of $30, $60, $100 or more to just one of the nonprofits that we are blessed to belong to. Please take some time on Wed Nov 16 to check out the websites, ask us questions, and consider how you can be part of making our ministry and art happen.

Also, if you are familiar with my work in any of these areas, PLEASE consider passing along this post to just FOUR people, asking them to consider donating on Wed Nov 16, too.

Again, we don't take this request lightly and we don't want anyone to give out of obligation. But we ARE excited to continue the work that God has given us and to bring others along in our journey!!!  Grace and peace to you all.

Sandbox Theatre -
Give Here

Tapestry Pregnancy & Family Life Resource Center - -
Give Here

Hiawatha Church -
Give Here

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