Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, What A Year

At the beginning of each year, I usually have all these grandiose visions of what might be coming in the months ahead. I like to take some personal time to dream, pray, and listen to God. And I especially long to have some time with my husband to compare notes and make sure we are on the same page with family goals.

But, as we all know, the best laid plans...Actually, this year, I didn't even have a plan. Instead, since October, I feel like I've been strapped into a roller coaster that is certainly keeping me entertained but doesn't show signs of slowing down. As my first post of 2012, here is a little snippet of what's been happening in my life --

Early October, I diagnosed myself with seasonal affective disorder. I've lived in Minnesota for 14 years now, and I can remember many winters colored with this type of just took me awhile to recognize it. I started myself on some extra doses of Vitamin D (which I am now convinced is a miracle supplement) but soon forgot why I was feeling so down because -

On November 3, I confirmed that I am pregnant! Michael and I tried to conceive our first child for over three years, and, during that time, felt that the Lord had told us I was barren. We had spent a month praying and mourning that news, but then felt a perfect peace about our family. Of course, six months later, we conceived Maren and truly believed God had opened my womb. After her birth, we didn't take any preventative measures and left the "more kids?" decision up to God. Apparently, he likes to work in three-year cycles with us, as we conceived almost exactly three years later. I am due mid-July and feel fabulous. I am so blessed to have very easy pregnancies! But that first trimester was incredibly exhausting, between the S.A.D., my body-creating-and-sustaining-life, and trying to keep up with a 3-year-old. I am loving this second trimester energy. However, life didn't slow down for lil' ole' me, as

The day after Christmas, Maren and I moved out of the house for 15 days while Michael began a complete remodel of our bathroom. He's still working on the final touches, but it is so beautiful! My husband is incredibly handy and has excellent taste. Even though it was difficult to eat good food regularly and I wore the same clothes for those 15 days, I felt VERY loved as so many friends welcomed us into their homes and my husband worked so hard to improve ours. [note: my love language is acts of service, so again, despite being homeless, I was being all loved up!]

January came in far too quickly, as Maren and I returned home during the second week of the year, and then Michael left us the third week, just as I began rehearsals with Hamline University. I am SUPER excited to represent my theater company as I co-direct a new, original production based on the Oresteia.

So now it is almost February and I'm posting on my blog for the first time in over two months. On an unrelated note, I've also started exercising for the first time in about the same absence. I still haven't had any alone time with the hubby in...well, about two months, and I have only a vague clue of some targets we want to hit sometime this year.

2012 does not appear to have started with quite the gumption I had hoped for.

And yet, I have an unwavering hope for what lies ahead. Some things are known, some are being planned and eagerly prayed over, and some will simply surprise me. The surprises always turn out best, which is why I am comfortable with my waylaid wishes. Will you wait with me for what God has in store this year?

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