Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In My Dreams

In the fall of 2010, I had this sudden, irresistible urge to downsize from our house to an apartment. All I could think about was having less space, less stuff to put in that space, living on less...less, less, and more less! I am now convinced that this was the prompting of the Holy Spirit, preparing me for our call to move from Minneapolis to New York City, and I have been itching ever since then to rid myself of this burden called home ownership.

Anyway, part of my obsession with downsizing has involved watching incredible videos about small spaces being transformed into multiple rooms. And the coveting has begun!

For example, this Hong Kong architect has 344 square feet of space that morphs into 24 different rooms!

This teacher has a 450 square foot apartment in Manhattan that is beautiful and works as 4 different spaces.

And this 420 square foot apartment in SoHo should be credited for awakening all my deepest design and space-saving dreams, as well as introducing me to my fantasy store, Resource Furniture.

I visit the Resource Furniture site about once a week and lust after all the innovative pieces. It is now my goal in life to figure out how I can possibly purchase The Goliath.

I am also in love with their sofas that conceal a queen-size bed (don't you plan to come visit me? wouldn't you love to sleep on this thing?).

And seriously, what kid wouldn't want to show off their Lollipop bunk bed?!?

If any of my readers are independently wealthy or exceedingly generous or have some connections at Resource Furniture, I am shamelessly asking you to make my dreams come true.

Or you can add to my unrealistic hopes by posting some more video links to awesome small space-saving designs that I will never afford.

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