Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's In My...?

I need a fun theme song for this completely random and soon-to-be ongoing series called What's In My....?

in which I choose some sort of contained space in my house and tell you what's in it.

Today's inaugural post is What's In My Freezer?

are you waiting with baited breath to know?

First, a word on this series. I was inspired to do this after hearing a pastor challenge his congregation to write down literally everything they own. Down to the number of forks, the number of pairs of socks, etc.

That's a little scary, isn't it? I imagine I will be completely grossed out by knowing the exact number of items I actually possess. So I decided to catalog my life on a smaller scale, and, in the process, hopefully clean some of it out! And probably be a little surprised along the way.

Also, you should know that we have a standard size freezer above our refrigerator - nothing fancy or unusual. I mention this because the list below seems awfully long to me; yet, I wouldn't consider our freezer "full". I'm already feeling completely humbled by how much I have in such a "small" space!

Are you ready to be awed?

What's In My Freezer? as of 03/13/2013

3 unlabeled large yogurt containers - I'm guessing various soups from at least a year ago
1 box of Stonyfield YoKids strawberry squeezers
A 16oz beef ring bologna {definitely not going to eat this - any takers?}
3 ice packs
Tuscan Valley Veggie Medley - no idea where this came from
1 loaf of homemade banana bread
1 loaf of store-bought whole wheat bread
1 bag of green beans from last year's garden
1 bag of all-purpose flour
1 bag of rye flour
1 bag of soy flour
Applegate uncured chicken hot dogs
2 lb pork steak from a friend's family farm
2 lb ground beef from the same friend's family farm
20 oz ground turkey
4 chicken breasts
A family-sized serving of homemade creamy chicken wild rice soup
A family-sized serving of homemade barley cabbage soup
A family-sized serving of homemade taco soup
A bag of tilapia filets
homemade cranberry-pistachio oatmeal-quinoa cookies
Our favorite homemade chicken enchiladas (12)
1 bag of tortilla strips
1 angel food cake
a half-used bag of Dunkin' Donuts original blend coffee grounds
a bag of homemade baby food (apple-apricot-pear blend)
Smek meat and sauce lasagna - I believe this was given to us when Esme was born 7 months ago? 
9 oz breast milk
Maren's placenta
Esme's placenta

I bet you were bored and completely uninterested in my freezer until you read those last 2 items.

So what about you? What's the most interesting item in your freezer?

Oh, and I will accept theme song submissions through the end of the month!

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  1. Oh, man. I've been going through our freezer and jump dumped a bunch of hemp seed in our oatmeal that I had frozen. It made it taste not so delicious. I'm pretty sure I don't have as much in my freezer as you. And my dang midwives accidently threw away Rose's placenta. I was so mad. Unless I thought it was frozen chili and ate it???