Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Smile For No Good Reason

In honor of bringing my blog back to life, and in an attempt to be a little more light-hearted, today's post  is a collection of my go-to video clips that make me smile. When I know I have 5 random minutes in a day and I want to feel happy about the world, these are the videos I'll return to. You'll need about 30 minutes if you want to enjoy all of them in one sitting, so depending on how bored you are at work (and if you get sound), you may need to save these for later.

Smile today!

1. Even though this video is 7 years old, you are surely one of the 210 million viewers who started dancing in your living room to comedian Judson Laippley's Evolution of Dance routine. As a dancer, I have to admit that I am personally impressed by his physical stamina.   (6 minutes)

2.  Flash mobs are all the rage now, but weren't you amazed 4 years ago when over 200 dancers surprised patrons in Belgium's Central Station with Do Re Mi? Everyone just looks so happy in this video! (4 minutes)

3. Remember Susan Boyle? (still brings tears to my eyes, but that's not the video I'm sharing today) I LOVE surprise moments, especially when they make Simon Cowell change his snooty face into a somewhat cheery chap. I've never actually seen any of these shows - I just catch the clips online - but when this little girl opened her mouth, I swear I heard the angels in heaven. Also, I love her dad. (7.5 minutes)

4. And, my all-time favorite opening monologue at the Oscars. Not only do I think this is brilliant, but I love how he laughs at himself so much throughout the act. Some day, I will perform this in a talent show. I will not be as good. (7.5 minutes)

Runner-up: Beyonce's Single Ladies. Because it's Beyonce.

What happiness videos am I missing that you must introduce me to?

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  1. I agree with your list completely! Well done friend! Of course my favorite happiness video is still Marcel the Shell but all of these are definitely on the list too! Thanks for sharing!