Monday, April 22, 2013

Things I'll Actually Spend Money On

I HATE buying stuff. I'm terrible at choosing gifts for people and I can almost never justify making a purchase for myself.  But today, I'm going to share my (very short) list of things that I think are worth the money.*

*although, if any of these things reached a certain price point or were discontinued, I'd live without. Maybe I need to make a list of things I absolutely would never give up?? Also note that I am NOT receiving any special sponsorships for mentioning this items so you can totally trust my opinion.

1. Slice-Pro Kitchen Cutter 

This was a gift from my fabulous mother-in-law (yeah, I never actually spent money on this) and it is my favorite kitchen tool. Unfortunately, it has since been discontinued, which is why I can't even find a nice product image anywhere on the web.
You'll notice that the slice-pro is a sharp knife and small cutting board all in one. How can this not still exist?!? It makes chopping small fruits and vegetables into bite-size pieces a snap. Lightweight, easy to clean, and endlessly useful.


2. Natural Dentist Mouthwash
Not going to lie - I have very poor dental hygiene. I haven't been to a dentist in 10 years, and when I did go regularly, my gums would bleed just with a glance from the hygienist. I never particularly minded good old Listerine but this stuff is like a soothing balm for the mouth. I couldn't believe how happy I felt after 30 seconds of swishing!

3. Cheese
I am a wanna-be foodie. If I had a limitless budget, I would spend most of it on amazing food. Alas, I must make concessions, but my favorite food splurge is on any of the 170 varieties of cheese at our local co-op. There is literally no comparison between your average packaged cheese and fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella. Even my husband, who gives me a hard time for my love affair with the co-op, demands that I purchase cheese there. Taste the difference!

4.  Ultra-Calming Makeup Remover Wipes
I've been wearing makeup more recently (that's another story) and because I'm not used to it - or because I buy cheap stuff? - it tends to irritate me after a couple hours, particularly around my eyes. But I've noticed that often the makeup removing products irritate me just as much. So one day I splurged the $7 for these wipes, which promised that my skin would feel "soothed and balanced" after use.  I didn't realize how good they really were, until I ran out and opted to purchase the cheaper version. Never again. I am permanently a fan of most Aveeno products, but these wipes were like magical washcloths.

What about you? What item(s) do you justify spending a little extra for or cannot absolutely do without? Can you sway me to try it?  


  1. Girrrrrl, I LOVE the Norwex face cloths. A lot of people say they work TOO well (makes face dry or red) but if you only use around your eyes to take off the make-up and use on your face very gently, they are amazing. I love mine. And I think they are worth every penny. And you never have to buy another! (Well, maybe in ten years or something).

    1. It's funny - as I was writing this post, I thought about Norwex. I still don't own anything by them but you MIGHT be swaying me.

  2. Nice Water bottles! I need to drink water a lot, and since I'm on the go almost all the time, I need a bottle. I love drinking water from glass, but it's a little dicey carrying glass place to place, so I managed to find a glass water bottle with a silicon sleeve. It's super stylish and good for the environment. The water tastes great, and I love using it. Now I don't have to carry around recycled pasta or pickle jars with me anymore:) Here's a link to see the water bottle. It's called a BKR bottle.
    I'm not much of a spender either, so it was a big splurge for me to pay $28 for this.

    1. Abby! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I JUST lost my water bottle, which was metal, and I have been drinking from mason jars since then. I LOVE glass water bottles but was super worried about breaking - this is PERFECT!!!