Monday, April 8, 2013

WORD! (for the year)

I’m an external processor.

That means I vomit a whole lot of meaningless stuff out of my mouth in order to get to the one small necessary kernel of importance. This may be one reason that I prefer to write letters to people when I have something pressing to say. The act of sitting down to write out my words requires intention and careful consideration, so I am able to filter my bluntness and weigh each syllable of thought. When I take the time to choose each word, I fill my speech with meaning. Otherwise, I’m just spewing the random - usually prideful - junk of my heart.

When God speaks, though, the words bring life. He spoke all of creation into existence. He spoke through his prophets to call his people back into right relationship with himself. And he himself, this very Word, became flesh and walked among us. When he rose from the dead, he gave us his Holy Spirit so that we might continue to hear him speak.

When God speaks, it’s all worth hearing.

Two years ago, during a January retreat, he spoke a word to my heart that I understood was meant to be processed over the course of that year. I received great joy, returning to that word over and over throughout those 12 months and learning more about myself and God’s will for me. In fact, late that summer, God spoke to me in a way that I hadn’t heard in quite a while - and gave me a HUGE new vision of what he had in store for us.

This January, I had the opportunity to attend another retreat, and I went expecting to hear a word from God again. Thankfully, he also planned to speak to me! During an afternoon time of worship, I opened my ears and listened to God sing over me. I heard him remind me of the truth of his character and the transforming work that he wants to do in me so that I can be more like him. This year, I believe that God wants me to know what it means to be      


I was instantly humbled when I heard this word! I knew immediately that God was both inviting me to draw on the riches of his lavish love for me and calling me to give this treasure away. What a sweet cycle of generosity!

Since that retreat, I have had ample opportunity to reflect on how much God (has given, gives, and promises to give) me, as well as to flex my [very weak] giving muscles. I hope to share both of these with you in later posts. For now, though, I continue to pray:Lord, fill me up to the fulness of Christ so that I might give it all away!!  

What about you? What word or theme are you focusing on this year? What do you wish you were more intentional about?

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  1. I have definitely noticed a more generous and willing heart through the years that I've known you that can only be because of his generosity toward us. God is working in you, Nicole. Love you.