Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help Wanted

In case you missed it, I HATE shopping.
[see with what large letters I write the word 'hate'? this is so all shall know how much I despise shopping]

I used to think that this feeling of disgust was a result of not wanting to spend money but I'm starting to believe that it's actually the result of PARALYZING FEAR.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm afraid to shop. 

I am afraid of purchasing the 'wrong' thing.
I am afraid that my purchase will go to waste (i.e., neither be used nor useful).
I am afraid that I will hate my purchase an hour later.
I am afraid that I will find a better deal or have a better idea of what I want the next day.

These fears are real when I am grocery shopping, gift shopping, personal shopping, at overpriced stores and thrift stores - basically any time I set foot in any kind of store where I am expected to pay money in exchange for some item. Because of this, I shop as infrequently as absolutely possible, which means I usually only buy food (a necessity) and avoid all other purchases. Which is a problem because I have been wanting, for almost 2 years now, to rework my wardrobe.

Yes, I want a wardrobe makeover!

I'm supposed to be an artist. But I pay no attention to what I wear and I have no idea how to put on make-up so that my face actually looks good. I am uncomfortable in most of my clothes. I don't have enough color in my life!

I need help! 

Aside from therapy about my fear of shopping, I need someone to MAKE ME OVER. A real makeover that will help me learn how to shop better for myself and then look better as myself. I am looking for an experienced shopper with an artistic eye who can help me find my style without breaking my currently non-existent clothing budget. I am also interested in reducing the number of items in my closet - what is the absolute minimum amount of clothing I can own? How can I be comfortable, fun, attractive, and cheap? Can I actually learn how to do my own make-up? Can you help me?!?

Are you up for the challenge? Got any ideas? What's it going to cost me?


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