Thursday, July 18, 2013

Land That I Love

As you know, I'm preparing to plant a church in Brooklyn pretty soon (woo hoo!). So I thought I'd take a moment, in this little space, to share some info about my new neighborhood. Keep in mind: I've been there ONCE. For ONE DAY. So I really don't know anything about Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I'm moving there because God told me to. For real.

But if you follow pop culture, HBO, or haters-against-normal-women, you might be familiar with Greenpoint because of the hit tv show Girls. I've never seen it, so don't take this as a recommendation. {incidentally, producers are now casting "only well educated and extroverted" girls in a reality tv show based in "hipster Brooklyn"}

A young woman on our team tipped me off to a sweet website that helps people who are relocating to NYC, and the founder recently wrote a short piece on our neighborhood. We have 3 beautiful parks!

Some Midwest musicians just opened Lake Street Bar in Greenpoint, paying homage to Minneapolis. {Apparently, there are multiple connections between Minneapolis and Greenpoint, which is no surprise since the moment I came up from the subway that one day I visited, I instantly felt at home}

And if you're a stats kind of person, you can get your fill of neighborhood info over at City-Data.

So basically I just gave you a bunch of random links with news about Greenpoint. That's what I've got to go on, people.

Do you know something I don't? Please share!!

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