Saturday, August 27, 2011

11/14/2009 For Maren

I carried you
41 weeks and 5 days in nearly perfect
peaceful wonder
my body, stretched to cradle and protect, nourished and sustained you
in awe we waited
with my undeserved power
to call you into being and your
tranquil form easing into shape.
at last you came, both of us striving, pushing, and dancing together in our first great work of mother-daughter struggle to result in joy
(oh, may every labor between us produce such delight)

now we learn each other face to face as you
steal my toothbrush rearrange my closet cling to my neck while
I cook and sing and tickle and surprise
you surprise me, too.

my body still stretches to surround you comfort you keep you close
even as you step away
come crawling back
dive into my arms
and I carry you, remembering
your wide-eyed entrance, with bluish-purple skin, silently
beginning together, the reverent prayers
whispering through our exhausted bodies as
mama and baby

Maren in her first diaper, soon after birth

Maren and Mama, one year later

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