Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3.20.2009 Starting Out

Deep breath.  Pause.  Write!

I'm not completely sold on the idea of a blog but I'm living an adventure, and I love sharing it, and sometimes, you just want to write what's on your mind in a place other than a journal you're not sure anyone will ever find.  Maybe you wouldn't want someone to find your journal.  But I do.  I want to be read, to elicit a response, to know that my failures and joys and confusion and clarity are all contributing to journeys other than my own.  Every entry in my paper journal is written with the hope that someone, someday, may read it.  So it seems natural that I would post some of those thoughts in a public space. 

Is it possible to create dialogue through blogging?  I am inspired by an email correspondence that I keep with a college friend.  We hadn't communicated in over 6 years (truth be told, i wasn't sure if we had parted on good terms) when he surprised me with an email in the fall of 2006.  Since then, we have been trading reflections on life, love, faith, art, suffering, meaning...things we find value in discussing even though we approach our subjects from radically different perspectives.  I wish I had more friends willing to do the same.  Perhaps this blog can encourage those conversations.

if I ever get around to telling my friends that this blog exists......  

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