Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7.14.2009 Three Decades

I am 30 years old today - and I feel FABULOUS! 

We don't make a big deal out of holidays or birthdays in our home, but last year, when I was pregnant, I asked Michael to plan something special for my birthday.  He, in turn, gave me a 29-hour birthday extravaganza, which was phenomenal and could not be topped for my 30th.  So this year, I told him that all I wanted was an uninterrupted night of sleep and to sleep in on my birthday. 

He then took it upon himself to check me into the Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Minneapolis last night!  He and Maren stopped by the hotel while I was at rehearsal and left me a little love note on the bathroom mirror (complete with Maren's handprint), along with an assortment of Godiva chocolates, a blueberry muffin and tea bag for breakfast, a talking birthday card, and the most A-MAZING aromatherapy lavendar chamomile bubble bath that put me right to sleep.  In my luxurious king-size Sleep Number bed, with Maren's teddy bear on my pillow.  Ah.  Sleep, beautiful sleep.

As I celebrate three decades of life, I wanted to share a statement that I wrote for myself in Sept '03.  It is a great reminder of what I am working towards! 

These are the driving values and vision for my life, in my attempt to be found faithful with what has been entrusted to me.
A.  With God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit
My utmost desire and satisfaction is intimate relationship with my creator, Father, Savior, and Bridegroom.  The more passionate my intimacy with him, the more I will live a Life of Worship.  This Life will be characterized (in part) by persistent prayer, daily feasts from his Word and suffering for his name's sake.  Ultimately, the degree of my passion for God will affect and perfect the levels of my intimacy in all other relationships; likewise, my worship of him will be expressed through these relationships as well. 

B.  With my husband, Michael, and all our future children.
Michael is God's gift to me, and the intimacy we share will reflect the glory of our Lord.  Additionally, our children will be entrusted to us and the only legacy we can leave with meaning.  Therefore, my passion for my family leads me to seek a Life of Humility and Sacrifice, in imitation of how our Lord loves us.

C.  With the Body of Christ
Jesus did not leave his followers in isolation, and, as a member of his body, I have a responsibility to live a Life of Service, through the exercise of my spiritual gifts.  I commit to pursuing ministries which develop these gifts, small group fellowship(s), and mentoring relationships.  Intimacy with the body requires not only my service but my honesty, as I allow others to challenge and change me.

COMPASSIONATE INFLUENCE - Wherever I am, so shall I minister
My life must be worth imitating.  Passionate intimacy in relationships overflows into compassionate influence, specifically with those who don't know Jesus.  I have no desire to limit Christ's love to the circle of Christian family he has given; rather, wherever the Father leads, so shall I freely give grace and truth.

INTENTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - I am a work in progress  
God has provided a lifetime for learning, and I intend to take full advantage of this.  I believe that my passion and compassion can increase with applied knowledge, so I expect to be a perpetual student.  Ultimately, I hope to bear the fruit of the Spirit, be aware of and engaged in current events, an avid reader on varied subjects, and become a wise old woman with godly life experience. 

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