Saturday, October 8, 2011

02.13.11 9: The Mini-Series Continues!

It should be easy to come up with 9 interesting facts about me.  However, I have already made a list of 100 so I can't exactly be repetitive.  And really, do you want to know that much more about me?

So here are some interesting nine, possibly unknown, facts about me:
  1. I moved to New Jersey in 4th grade and was put in the theater class.  In addition to our normal schoolwork, our class rehearsed a production of the Peanuts play (based on the comic strip characters).  I performed the lead role of Snoopy and quickly acquired the nickname.  Just before I moved, in high school, I learned that many people I had known for the last six years never knew my real name.  I was just Snoopy.  
  2. My dad and I were not close, by any stretch of that word.  However, when I was in the beauty pageant, we had to take many trips to Pennsylvania for some kind of pageant-prep stuff.  During those long beautiful drives through upper NJ and eastern PA, we would roll down the windows, blast the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing, and sing at the top of our lungs together.  This is my favorite memory of my dad.
  3. Growing up, I processed my extremist emotions by writing poetry, and asked, if any of it were to be published posthumously (because of course I was going to die a young, tragic death), to attribute it to Constance Lee.  Now I only write poems on special occasions (and I want it acknowledged under my real name). 
  4. I am a really good team player.  People who only briefly interact with me find this difficult to believe, for good reason.  I have a very strong personality and am clearly a take-charge leader type.  However, when I am in positions of leadership, I prefer to gather and involve a team of people.  And when I am asked to serve under someone else's leadership, I am a very supportive and encouraging participant.  Teams keep me humble, remind me that my way is not always the best, and give me an opportunity to help others lead well.  I think that only Jesus is actually capable of leading solo; the rest of us need to do it in a team setting. 
  5. I am afraid of vomiting.  A few choice people have been around me during one of my two sicknesses, and they can attest that I start sounding like a tortured Chewbacca in the minutes before and during my puking.  
  6. Even though I am not at all compassionate or empathetic, I am very very sensitive to "outsiders".  Large groups stress me out because I want to make sure that every single person feels included and listened to.  Even before I was a Christian, I always sought out the lonely, mocked, or outcasted people around me and befriended them.  It is incredibly important to me that everyone is noticed and given some measure of attention.  
  7. Speaking of attention, in middle school, I totally used to lie and say that I could feel other people's pain.  Like, if someone around me had a headache, then I "had" one, too.  I have no justification or rational explanation for this.
  8. I once gave $90 to a scam artist.  I knew in my heart that he was scamming me, but I felt convicted that God wanted me to give freely - the giving was on my conscience - and let Him deal with the liar.  However, I did make the guy spend nearly an hour with me before I gave him the money.  And I preached Jesus the entire time.  I figured, if he was willing to put up with my evangelistic runaround for that long, he might actually need the money.  Or else, about 20 minutes in, he couldn't find a way out.  
  9. Until I got married, my best friends were always my teachers.  In elementary school, Mrs. Forster; in middle school, the leader of my peer-counseling program; in high school, my guidance counselor Mr. Hirsch; in college, Dr. Leach and my theater directors.  
And here's what's coming up in the rest of the series --
  • Day Three: Eight ways to win my heart.
  • Day Four: Seven things that cross my mind a lot.
  • Day Five: Six things I wish I'd never done.
  • Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
  • Day Seven: Four things I want in a romantic partner.
  • Day Eight: Three of my favorite possessions.
  • Day Nine: Two images that describe my life or myself right now.
  • Day Ten: One confession.

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