Sunday, October 16, 2011

04.14.11 Postscript to Remembering How Awesome God Is

Two weeks ago, I spoke with my dear friend and current boss.  I told her that I felt I needed to step down from my management position in her company and to look for another job so that I could take the "business" out of our relationship and just invest in our friendship.
That day, I went home and asked God for a new job.  I prayed for 4 specific things -
  1. a job within walking distance of my home
  2. the same number of hours per week that I currently work
  3. a meaningful job
  4. that the job would come to me - I didn't want to look for a new job
Four days after that, Michael and I attended an open house for Tapestry Pregnancy & Family Resource Center.  Michael had recently joined the Board, and they had just acquired a new space next door to their current center, so he wanted to show me around.
When we pulled up to the Center (2 miles from our home), I off-handedly asked him if Tapestry was hiring any PT employees.  He said he thought so but wasn't sure if it was a good fit for me.
Inside, I met Kimberly, the Executive Director, and received a tour of the center.  [total side note, the Spirit of God is heavy in this place! I almost broke into tears during the tour because it is so amazing] Michael asked Kimberly about the PT position and mentioned that I was looking for a new job, and she got super excited.  She immediately introduced me to Maureen, the Outreach Coordinator, who was responsible for hiring this position (and would be supervising the new employee).
So I spent about 15 minutes chatting with Maureen, and these are the words she used to describe the kind of person she wanted to hire - someone who:
  • creates order out of chaos
  • can supervise many volunteers
  • can quickly adapt and lead through constantly changing situations
  • is outgoing and welcoming to all people
  • takes initiative to improve and create new systems
Well, it took Michael and me all of 5 minutes to decide that this job would be a great fit for me.  It met all of my specified prayer criteria, with the small downside of being $2 per hour less than what I was currently making.  But we were trusting God.
One week later (last Friday), I was one of five people that Maureen interviewed for the position.
This past Monday, Maureen asked me to come in and have a second interview with Kimberly (the Exec Dir).
And that's when I was told that I was not being offered the job that I interviewed for.  Instead, I was being offered Maureen's job.
Apparently, when Maureen was interviewing me last week, she kept hearing the Spirit of God whisper in her ear, "Nicole could do your job better than you.  Step aside and give her your job."  She prayed and spoke with Kimberly throughout the weekend and felt completely confirmed that I should now become the Outreach Coordinator for Tapestry.  Which, incidentally, is $1 more per hour than I currently make [total side bonus].
So, friends, I have a new job!  But it is so much more than that, because God is truly arranging the parts of the body of Tapestry in amazing ways.  First of all, I am overwhelmingly humbled by Maureen's obedience to God! How humbling to have the woman who was supposed to be your boss move out of the way and hand you her job! More than that, though, it seems that everyone who works at Tapestry has an awesome God-sized story of how they got there.  So, God has big things in store for this place -- and he is inviting me to be part of it.  Praise him with me!!!

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