Saturday, October 8, 2011

02.23.11 On My Mind: 7 Thoughts that Occupy Alot of Time and Space

  1. Jesus.  Should this be any surprise?  I hope to be able to say more by this time next year, but I am really in a sweet season of relationship with JC.  I am learning, in amazingly beautiful ways, what it means to truly desire him.  I can say that my soul thirsts for God, that my mind is occupied with when I can go and meet with him (Psalm 42:2).  Oh, how earnestly I seek him (Psalm 63:1)!
  2. People who don't know Jesus.  Jesus is my favorite song, the best movie, the life-changing book that I want to share with everyone, and I cannot go a single day without desiring his awesomeness in the lives of others.  If I truly love God, and if I truly love people, then it follows that I would want those two relationships to overlap.  That all people would feel so greatly loved, protected, provided for, blessed and free as I do!
  3. The next church we start.  I have no idea what God's long-term plans are for us, but Michael and I are always dreaming about the next church he'll lead us to start.  We know that God reaches people in different ways and with different means, and we hope we can share in those various opportunities.  I admit, my imagination always runs a little wild when I start visioning for new churches.  I like to dream BIG and out of the box! 
  4. Hiawatha Church.  I love our current community of people but we can always improve.  We can always be more like Jesus: more generous with each other, more serving to our neighborhood, more prayerful for our future, more intentional with our ministry.  I am constantly in prayer for our leaders to be unified in the bond of peace, for our people to feel connected to each other and to Jesus, for grace to rule us, and for the Spirit to convict us.     
  5. My daughter.  Man, I just love that kid!  What a privilege to witness, from the very beginning of life, the growth of a human being.  It is incredible.  And I get to have a hand in it!  I am always thinking about what would bring her joy and how to facilitate great happiness in her little heart.  I love getting to know her, learning her quirks and preferences, and responding to her desires to learn, to understand, and to master her world.  
  6. Sandbox Theatre.  I'm still in a bit of shock that this talented group is now my permanent artistic home, but I take the responsibility very seriously.  Throughout the day, my brain juggles our current projects, our long-term dreams, my crazy ideas, and the care I have for these artists.  I am always wondering what's next for us and how I can make it happen; I'm always searching for ways to spread the word, include more voices, find more supporters, and increase our impact.  
  7. Self-Improvement.  I am in a continual state of self-reflection, self-direction, and self-improvement (all with God's grace!).  I take time every single day to reflect on what is important to me, to ask the Holy Spirit how to direct my time, and to open my heart to what I need to do to help my husband, improve our home, or simply continue to transform more into Christ.  I have been convicted of being lazy, idle, selfish and just plain stupid - so my mind is constantly racing with ideas for change. 
coming up next -    
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