Saturday, October 8, 2011

02.19.11 Bless My Heart!

I think the intention behind today's post "8 Ways to My Heart" is "how to turn me on."  Since I'm married, that's a list best kept between my husband and me.  But there are plenty of ways that you can make my heart happy -
  1. Seek Jesus with me.  Nothing in the world makes me giddy like an honest-to-goodness conversation about (or experience with) Jesus.  I don't care if you hate him or have been following him for decades; if you know nothing about him or have memorized the Bible.  If you have questions about Christ, if you want to better understand him, or get to know him, then let's have a conversation!  
  2. Engage me.  I have strong opinions about most everything, but I love being challenged to defend them.  I respect people who are willing to disagree with me and have healthy debate.  And if I respect you, then you have my heart.
  3. Encourage me.  I have a healthy enough ego that I don't require verbal affirmation.  And because of my tough skin, I appear equally unfazed by both criticism and praise.  On top of this, it is my general observation that people don't hand out compliments, positive words, or intentional encouragement nearly as much as we should.  As a result, if you took the time to pull me aside in private, look me in the eye, and tell me something you appreciate/admire/value about me - it would really fill up my love tank.  
  4. Include me.  I am a super boring person.  Five out of seven nights of the week, I am home alone, reading a book or other people's blogs.  During the day, I'm inventing messes with my kid, grocery shopping, or hanging out at the library or Dollar Store.  I'm really not creative about my free time, and I never call you to hang out because I assume you don't want to sit in my living room week after week.  But I have this nagging feeling that everyone around me is spending time together, without me, doing very fun stuff.  If you are, would you invite me along once in awhile?  
  5. Love my daughter.  I am well aware that no one will possibly adore my child like I do.  Because of this, when you love on my little girl, my heart fills with great and inexpressible joy.  
  6. Imitate me.  Imitation is the greatest compliment, right?  Well, this isn't just about puffing up my pride.  I know that anything in me worth imitating is a result of God's work in me. So, if you were inspired to imitate me, in any way, then I get a little glimpse of how God is using me.  I won't lie - that's an awesome (and humbling) feeling.
  7. Serve me.  My love language is acts of service, and it's a wide span of works that qualify for blessing me like this.  I've found that being invited to events, receiving an unexpected note in the mail, or hearing from a friend all touch my heart because of the fact that someone was thinking of me; the thought is more valuable to me than the actual event/note/call.  Of course, more traditional acts of service, like making me a meal, dropping off groceries, cleaning, and babysitting, all work well too!
  8. Partner with me.  I am all too familiar with my weaknesses, and I do all that I can to work with people who will make up for them.  I am humbled when these people choose to come alongside me, love me, and work together towards a common goal, knowing that I will fail them.  
and coming up....  
  • Day Four: Seven things that cross my mind a lot.
  • Day Five: Six things I wish I'd never done.
  • Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
  • Day Seven: Four things I want in a romantic partner.
  • Day Eight: Three of my favorite possessions.
  • Day Nine: Two images that describe my life or myself right now.
  • Day Ten: One confession.

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